Like most people, I find the beginning of a new year a great time to reassess life and make adjustments. I haven’t set resolutions as such, but I do like to set goals and aspirations for the year. I’m feeling a little demotivated and at sea as regards my career and how I can steer it with more certainty. I’ve a head full of ideas but finding the time/motivation/money to put them into practice is a real challenge. Last year didn’t represent my best work to date, so I am determined to make this year far more productive. I guess I don’t make it too easy for myself in the fact that I try and follow multiple avenues consecutively. Acting, voice-over, presenting, writing and blogging are the areas in which I work. They do in some way cross over and compliment each other, but finding time to focus on each area individually is really difficult… it sometimes feels a bit like chasing around a bunch of puppies.

So for 2015 there isn’t much for me to do other than “To Do”! Quit talking, find a way, make it happen, stay focused, work hard, and enjoy what I do.

The photograph I’ve put with this post was taken last September when I’d just come home from holidays and taken Mia out for a walk. This spot is always a favourite of mine. You’d have to be emotionally defunct not to feel inspired standing there, but on such a beautiful day and with my trusty “happy pill” standing by my side it’s one of my favourite captures and always does the job of providing a pick-me-up.