Currently, I am sitting alone in a hotel bar in Galway drinking copious amounts of coffee while I wait to be called to return to a film set I’m working on. Who said acting wasn’t glamours eh?

Working from my phone isn’t too easy, but I’ve read the Galway Independent cover to cover and I’d rather not sit staring at the two gentlemen who’ve chosen to boycott the many other available┬átables in favour of sharing mine.

Anywho, I’ve had pics stored away since I went out to a pizzeria with a bunch of friends on the weekend, so now’s as good a time as any to post them.


The hubby bought me the stretch velour skirt for Christmas about seven years ago I’d say. Yep, it’s been sitting there unworn and unloved for a long time. So I dusted it off and took it on a well overdue date with my ass. The outfit took a couple of attempts to refine before I settled. I tried a few different top and boot combos while keeping the skirt as my starting point for the look. Overall I felt quite smart, while still being fairly casual and dare I say cool.

My items…