Good ol’ Sunday. Ok, so getting out of bed is a chore, but once I managed that I was off on my usual Sunday dog walk and coffee with the hubby. We’re so lucky to live by the sea and it just so happens that our route takes us through the village and past a coffee shop (or 10). I love this time together because there’s no technology interfering and we can stroll and chat uninterrupted.

Anyway, dog walk out if the way, I decided to spend the afternoon at a vintage fair that was running locally. It was mostly quite high end vintage, and even though there wasn’t as much furniture as I’d have liked, the selection of clothes, jewellery, accessories and homewares kept me occupied for hours.

It’s unusual to see me out of runners on the weekend, but this outfit is still pretty casual, and most definitely comfortable.  My trench is vintage, I think 90’s, from Dunnes Stores and I picked it up in a chairity shop recently. The lumberjack shirt is my husbands… Yes, I raided his wardrobe again. I don’t know what it is about wearing items belonging to the man in my life, but I always find it so comforting or something.


Anyway, here’s my items…