Well I for one think the advert for the #ThisGirlCan campaign by Sport England is really uplifting, fun and motivational to watch. Missy Elliot ‘Get Ur Freak On’ has been one of my favourite songs since my husband gave it to me on a mix mini-disk (yes, they were a thing for a short while) about 13 years ago. For me it’s got a total ‘f**k yeah’ feel and always makes me feel pumped. So sticking moving images of ladies kicking ass along to that sound track was probably an easy sell to me. However, from the opening image of the girl approaching the swimming pool I was hooked. It’s just lovely to see people having fun, getting competitive, being active, smiling and enjoying the company of others. It’s not selling an ideal of glossy hair and perfectly applied lipstick, it’s simply saying get up, get active, and don’t hold back. Granted the phrases are pretty cringey to say the least, but remembering that they are aimed at women and to be taken with a pinch of salt, I can appreciate the frivolous nature behind the words.

Here’s the video…

There’s been a lot of mention online and in the media about it being patronising, but surprisingly on a twitter search I mostly came across men who seemed to think this. Giving the title of ‘girls’ certainly doesn’t get under my skin. I know women ranging in ages from 7 to 70 who refer to their group of friends as ‘the girls’, and certainly my 16year old daughter wouldn’t relate at all to being called a woman. Plus it rolls off the tongue easier lets face it.

In Ireland we have Operation Transformation currently running on RTE One, and having seen the real life-changing effect it has on those who become leaders for the programme, and the thousands of followers joining the regime, it seems to me that we shouldn’t knock any attempts to help motivate us to move more. We’re bombarded with reports on rising obesity levels in our teens and children too, so again, let’s take any approach to creating change and embraced it. It’s clear an active life is a healthier life. I for one am off to join a zumba class!

Here’s some of my active life…

Ok, so I spot my dog A LOT, maybe I need more friends, but at least I’m smiling.

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