It’s been about five months since I wrote a blog post. In January I hit a speed bump and I’m only just managing to find my way over the darn thing now. The speed bump was pregnancy. I’m currently 25 weeks expecting and finally in a place where I feel almost normal and a little motivated again. Up until now the pregnancy has been about survival. That may sound pretty dramatic, but honestly, the shit my body has thrown up and expected me to deal with is just outragious.

The first trimester was “morning sickness”. So nausea, headaches, lack of energy to even lift an arm, vomiting up to 6 times a day, muscle ache, dizziness and a bunch of symptoms I can’t even put into words… but you get the idea. It was rough.

I got to the point, at about 11 weeks, where I was seriously considering the anti-nausea pills from the doc. I hadn’t worked in all that time and could barely make it out of bed to even use the bathroom. In a last ditch attempt to avoid tablets I took a homeopathic remedy for a day or two, and even though it was still a painfully slow crawl out from the blackness of the pregnancy pit, I think they did the trick.

After that time I managed to return to work to some degree. It was a struggle getting through the day but seeing as I freelance as a voice over artist it means I’m not stuck trying to navigate the usual 9-5.

Pregnancy then started to feel, dare I say it, good. I mean the whole carrying my baby thing is just fantastic. I’m really into that. I love having him (yes, we know it’s a boy) with me all the time, and I take real comfort in knowing he’s there with me.

If it wasn’t for the sickness, itching, rhinitis, pigmentation, random rashes, pinched nerves, back ache, headaches, tiredness, lack of sleep, horrible dreams, bleeding gums, sore boobs, swollen ankles, weight gain and many other random ailments, well it’d be just plain dandy!!

So here I am, 25 weeks in, feeling relatively good as long as I don’t walk anywhere, and the excitement has more than kicked in. We’ve had to move home in the last 4 months because our landlord sold our house, and we’re currently looking at options to buy. I’m also reassessing my work role and seeing if there’s something more stable I might explore for a few years to make practical things like childcare easier to manage.

Hopefully this marks the end of my blogging dry spell. I’d imagine my topics may change as things evolve. I have stopped cooking almost altogether, so recipes will be very sparse until I start preparing food for the baby, or unless my eagerness to cook is revived sooner than that. I’m finding my feet when it comes to dressing a bump too, so hopefully there’ll be a couple of style posts to come on that front. As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see.

** The pic with this post is of our leggy baby at the 12 week scan **