If you read my review of the Stokke® Sleepi™ you will know that although I’m a fan of the product, I feel that the accessories are hugely overpriced and it bugs me that you’re locked in to buying many of them too because of the bespoke nature of each item.

So having forked out for the Sleepi system I didn’t fancy paying an additional €90 for a plain piece of fabric ie. the canopy. Plus, I wanted to use fabric that was a little more interesting then the plain white. There are made to order canopy’s available on Etsy if you’re not good with a sewing machine, but the way I ended up doing it literally requires a couple of straight lines of stitching, so you don’t need to be a sewing wizz to pull it off.

Originally I wanted to use a pale grey chevron patterned sheer fabric, but having looked in IKEA and a few other fabric stores I didn’t find any. Then, when rooting around Home Focus at Hickey’s I found these dragon fly patterned premade voile curtains. They are sold singly, come in various sizes, pre hemmed and with a slot stitched in to suit a rod or slim curtain pole. Less sewing required, this was a win, win for me… Sold! The 145 x 137cm (57 x 54”)  size is pretty perfect for the height of the rod on the Stokke crib, and at €15.50 each I was still on track to make approximately a €60 saving on the branded version.


Sewing was simple enough. Overlaying one curtain ontop of the other along the prestitched slots, I sewed along the exixting stitching line on either side of the slot. Then, to add more detail, open the curtain as it would fall when hanging and tack in a pleat at even intervals along each side of the canopy as far back as the curve in the rod. Seal the slot on the front end with a line of stitching, leaving the back end open to slide along the rod. Finally I added a narrow velvet style blue ribbon, tied in a bow at the back for a little extra touch.

So, there you have it. Even with limited sewing skills, it was easy to achieve a really nice bespoke canopy to suit the Stokke mini and it came with a saving of just under €60. Not bad!

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