Hi there, I’m Sarah Carroll. I make my crust as an actor and voice-over artist. I’m a mother, a wife and a dog owner. I’m interested in health, gluten-free food (because I’m a coeliac), fashion, animals, beauty, parenting, DIY, travel and who knows what else. I’ve always been a waffler, so to spare me burning the ears off those around me, this is just another outlet for all that goes on in my head.

Born and bred in South Dublin I’ve never strayed far and still reside in Dalkey. I left school after my leaving cert and had little or no idea what I wanted to do next. I didn’t apply for any colleges, instead putting all my effort into getting employment and ended up with a job as a filing clerk in a patent and trademark company. I got on well within my first few months there, with a promotion to receptionist and another to an admin position, before I fell pregnant.

Being pregnant at 18 was probably very difficult, but I was too young and too dumb to really notice. I sometimes look back now and wonder how I got through it, and even occasionally feel a little sorry for my younger self. However 18 year old me got on with it, and my incredible daughter Rebecca was born on 23rd Sept 1998.

The first few years were a struggle with a scarcely present boyfriend who took more energy and attention than a box full of newborn kittens, not to mention a new baby, and the fact we hadn’t a pot to piss in. I did my best to find work I could juggle with everything else. I tried my hand at furniture restoration, racehorse training, caring for adults with Autism, and receptionist among other things. I also took a diploma course in Computers & Electronics. Unfortunately, the box full of kittens usually stood in the way of real progression, even though I showed promise in most everything I put my hand to. Finally, before turning 22, I was single and decided to move back home to my parents house. I got a fantastic job in an after school kids club and spent the next 6 years working there and bringing Rebecca with me – wonderful!

As it happens, this magical little job was also where I met my future husband. My now mother-in-law owned the business and her (very handsome) son would work the summers while he was in college. We were friends for years before finally getting together on Rebecca’s 7th birthday. We soon lived together and expanded our family in March 2010 with the addition of our white German Shepherd, Mia. On 29th Feb 2012 I made an honest man of him and proposed. We had an insanely special wedding last year (2013) in Dingle, and still wish we could do it all over again.

I quit childcare about 6 years ago to work full time at acting. I’d been training and gaining experience part-time before taking the plunge. Thankfully I’ve found my feet and can honestly say I enjoy every aspect of my work as an actor – well, it is a tough ol’ slog with little to no stability – but apart from that, I love it!

I also work for a television channel as a Continuity Announcer which is such a great job to have alongside my acting work.

Here’s some of what I’ve worked on on my IMDB page.

So there you have it, a short and frilly version of my life so far.

I hope you enjoy my scribblings, Sarah :)